EEE 237 – Introduction to Microprocessors (2015 SPRING)


No Name Description Microprocessor IDE Download
1 eee237_lab4_button PIC18F452 MPLABX
2 eee237_lab4_led PIC18F452 MPLABX
3 eee237_lab5_sseg PIC18F452 MPLABX
4 eee237_lab5_sseg2 PIC18F452 MPLABX
5 eee237_lab6_lcd PIC18F452 MPLABX
6 eee237_lab6_keypad_lcd PIC18F452 MPLABX
7 eee237_lab7_adc_lcd PIC18F452 MPLABX
8 eee237_lab8_timer0_interrupt PIC18F452 MPLABX
9 eee237_lab8_external_interrupt PIC18F452 MPLABX


No Name Description Download
1 Homework1 General terms in microprocessor programming.
2 Homework2 Frequency of LED changing by pressing button.
3 Homework3 Calculator
4 Homework4 Printing ADC Result on LCD and SSEG
5 Homework5 Depending on ADC reading, Changing Duty Cycle of PWM Signal by Using Timer Interrupt

Homework Solutions


  1. PIC Development Board Schematic
  2. PIC Expansion Board Schematic

Needed Programs and Materials 2hile Programming PIC Dev. Board

Recommended websites for extra applications and materials:

The ones who need reference book for C and C++ languages:

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