Some of My PCB Designs

In this post, I want to demonstrate some of my PCB designs. I will update this post whenever a new PCB is designed. If you interest any of them for further explanation, please leave a comment below.  🙂

Solder Paste Dispenser First Prototype


Solder Paste Dispenser Board


PIC18F4520 Development Board 3D


PIC18F4520 Development Board


ADC10080 Evaluation Board


A Bridge PCB between AD9627-150 Evaluation Board and Digilent Atlys Spartan-6 FPGA Trainer Board (Also XULA FPGA Expansion Board)


A Bridge PCB with AD9627-150 Evaluation Board


A Bridge PCB with AD9627-150 Evaluation Board and Digilent Atlys Spartan-6 FPGA Trainer Board


Bridge PCB with XULA FPGA Board


2 thoughts on “Some of My PCB Designs

  1. hi burak,

    does your name come from turkey ?

    anyway, good design, how does the dispenser  work, pressing a button to dip some fluid ? possible to get the source files ? do not seeling it away, only for education. first i have seen the serial oscilloscope, i just installed keil for this and will try it out on my stm32f4. looks promising 🙂 keep up the good work. dennis

    • Hi Dennis,

      I am sorry to write you little bit late. I couldn’t find any spare time to take care of the website because of my workload. Yes, I am Turkish. Origin of the name is actually Arabic.
      I appreciate for compliments. Honestly, dispenser didn’t work as I expected. Mechanically it was solid but torque of the stepper motor wasn’t quite enough. Embedded Design was OK. Solder paste gets thicker and lose its fluidity while I don’t use it. When I press onto button to dispense it starts dispensing but when I take off my finger from the button Solder Paste has continued flowing. I consider updating the design with a more powerful Nema14 sized stepper motor. But I don’t have much free time to do it. Maybe one day… 🙂

      I don’t plan selling it. It is educational. It will be open source when I decide that it is working stable.

      Thank you again.

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