Logitech Wireless Gaming G700 Mouse Right and Left Button Double Clicking Problem Solution

I bought this mouse 3 years ago with an expensive price. After some usage mouse started to misbehave. When I click to left and right buttons, It started to click double instead of clicking once. I used this mouse for 2 years in that condition and I couldn’t asked why it behaves that way since I paid really much money for it. I think I was little bit afraid to buy another one after paying that much money. It really hurts. When I was playing games or making some design in my computer, some unwanted double clicks caused that my works are gone since I wasn’t achieve to save my progress and I don’t know how many times I hit that mouse to table because it made me very mad and angry like hell.

After 3 years of pain on my every day of my life, I was designing a circuit in Altium Designer, this mouse made me crazy again. I decided to solve this problem. I search in Google that “G700 double click bla bla bla…”. After looking some forums and also in logitech forum there was countless complaints about that issue. Problem was not on only G700 but also other mice of logitech caused problem for people with same issue.  A guy advised that take battery and wireless usb off and use mouse with only cable and problem is going to be solved. I tried and see that left click was working better and right click was still double clicking. This wasn’t enough for me. I was dedicated myself to solve this huge pain on my life. There was some tech guys babbling about taking of batteries and clicking buttons for 30 seconds. It will discharge electrostatic energy in capacitors. I tried that but It did not do anything at all. I was afraid to hear that “crack an egg and separate white and yolk of it…” from tech(!) guys. This is even better solution. 😀 And those kind of advice is like  make fun of their costumers and intelligence of people. This is admission which proves their product is sucks.

Then I search some videos on Youtube. One guy was insulating buttons with some stretch film and rubber.

I was trying to do this but I saw another video. New guy opened inside of  buttons and bend the cooper that is inside of button case and assembled it back. I tried that but my left button didn’t make click sound.

Than I saw another video. A Japanese guy was changing a logitech mouse’s right and left switches with another ones. I trust Asians about those kind of things.

I break a cheap Asus mouse that is given with my laptop and I wasn’t using it. I desoldered those buttons and switch them with G700’s buttons. When desoldering upper PCB some pins were split, you should be careful. It made me work little longer to make some jumpers to make pins are connected again.

Tada, my mouse works perfect now. The reason logitech makes people crazy was related to use very bad switches for left and right button. I paid 160 TL for this mouse 3 years ago. Now it is 200TL. Nearly 100$. But they used terrible and horrible switches on it. Even very shitty and cheap mouses are using better switches. I still don’t know why logitech made that kind of stupid mistake.

There are some picture of mouse and switches. I hope that article serves you well. Thank you.

Before done anything.


While playing with cooper that inside of button case


After buttons are changed. Fortunately, footprint of switches was exactly same.

And my terrible desoldering caused some pins are break. But I got it work at the end. Be careful. You have to desolder those pins to separate upper PCB in order to desolder switches.


The brand of the new switches is “Kalih”



Brand of logitech shitty life drainer button is “Omron”



Asus mouse that I killed to repair my G700. R.I.P. dude.


3 thoughts on “Logitech Wireless Gaming G700 Mouse Right and Left Button Double Clicking Problem Solution

  1. I have a G700S and found that by discharging the static electricity or capacitors (not sure which) that it went back to working like new. Unplugged it (i use the wired method to charge the batteries for my clock plus i like the weight) took the batteries out and clicked both left and right over and over for about a minute and bingo after hooking it all back up it was good as new……also found that when the little contact switch starts going out that by placing two small pieces of electrical tape, just enough to cover the contacts that push down on the little white switch itself that there is no need to take it all apart as this ‘shim’ or ‘wedge’ effect makes it depress far enough to make contact plus it gives the mouse a slightly better feel when clicking.

    All in all those two methods plus what you have shown (that other switches are better overall and inter-changeable) is a darn good idea too….it is a good ‘keeper’ mouse.

    • Yes, you are right. However, most of Logitech mouses has the same problem. I think humidity is badly affecting the efficiency of switches. It has been 2 years since I replaced switches with other ones and I haven’t seen any double clicking problem since. If you are good at desoldering and soldering, I highly recommend you to replace them. You may also pay a little money to an electronic repairman to do it for you.

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